Tuesdays Amuses Me: Tips and quotes

Colourful party straws
Colourful party straws

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s another new day and I am thankful that I’m alive. Yesterday’s post was about leaving the comfort zone to move forward. Today, I would like to blog about being thankful and how gratitude can change your life tremendously.

Have you ever thought of when you won’t have the chance to thank someone? Most of us wouldn’t think of life that way, but, instead we think that we have every other day to thank that special person – our parents, siblings, relatives, friends, colleagues, the lady from the cafeteria, the bus driver…You’ll never know when someone stops being in our life. Remember, more than a million people die in a day. You’ll never when you won’t be in someone else’s life anymore.

Take time to thank the people you love and be generous in saying ‘Thank You’ whenever someone opens the door for you, the waitress who serves food to you, the cleaning lady who clears your office trash, your parents who never stopped worrying about you…Go ahead and make someone’s day by simply saying these two magic words.

Here’s to the second day of the second week of September 2013…

Tuesdays-Amuses-Me list:

  1. Always on-the-go? Take these 23 five minutes hair styles to keep you looking great everyday
  2. Apple’s Senior VP created Solid Gold Earpods for charity. Read more here
  3. Love juices? Find out the myths and facts from Food Network.
  4. I love food and admit that I’m addicted to Instagram. Follow these Instagram accounts for foodie.
  5. Read this insightful article about how the world population changes by year 2100.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day ahead!

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